Monday, 26 May 2014

Sushi! (not the fish and rice kind, this is much more gorgeous)

I absolutely adore these little maki rolls, I could happily eat them everyday. The 'rice' is made with parnsips and pine nuts (trust me, it works), and the nori is the raw untoasted kind. Really quick to make, healthy and delicious. Better than the 'real' alternative in my opinion. Seriously, you should try this.


For the rice:
2 big parsnips
Third of a cup of pine nuts
1 dessert spoon of apple cider vinegar

Avocado or cucumber or whatever else takes your fancy really.

Raw untoasted nori sheets

Peel and chop the parsnips, then blitz them in a food processor, with the pine nuts, until they get to a rice like texture. 
Stir in the apple cider vinegar.
Finely slice the avocado and chop the cucumber into thin sticks.
Take a sheet of nori and spread the parsnip rice on it, about a third of the way up. 
Then put a row of avocado or cucumber or whatever filling you're using along this.
Roll it up, quite tightly, and moisten the edge with water to help it stick together. 
Then just slice the roll into little bite sized pieces.
This amount made enough to fill 3 nori sheets when I did it earlier. 

I made a really good dip to go with them, which was a combo of tamari (wheat free soy sauce), sesame oil and a bit of chilli powder. Just shook it all up together in a jar. Turned out extremely well :) Enjoy!

KB's Ultimate Power Green Juicy Breakfast Smoothie!

Hello! Hope everyone is feeling good and happy. I'm going to share with you my go-to breakfast of the moment. I've been experimenting with various different green juices and smoothies for a while now. I've made all kinds of concoctions with a wildly varying range of ingredients, but have ended up having this one just about every morning for the last few weeks. It's delicious, bursting with nutritional goodness and it really sets you up for the day. 

Although, the main component of this is freshly squeezed fruit and veg juice, this is a smoothie, not a juice, so won't work for you if you're on a juice cleanse. As soon as you blend it up with the other ingredients you're adding fibre back in, which is all good, but not if you're juicing. Perfect for a green smoothie detox though, or just as your everyday breakfast. Oh. And it is gorgeous. 


A) In the juicer:
Quarter of a pineapple
2 sticks celery
Big chunk of ginger
Big chunk of cucumber (about 4 inches)
2-3 apples
Half a lime (peeled, but pith kept on if you can, for added zing!)

B) In the blender:
1-2 handfuls of spinach
Half a ripe avocado
2 teaspoons raw hemp powder
2 teaspoons wheatgrass powder
The contents of one acidophilus capsule (or other kind of probiotic)


1. Juice all the fruits and veggies from list A.
2. Pour the fresh juice into the blender, adding to the other ingredients (list B).
3. Blend it all up.
4. Drink it.
5. Lovely, innit. 

Hope that gives you a spring in your step :) Have a lovely day.