Thursday, 30 December 2010

Day 3 Master cleanse

Well, day 3 is almost over and it's been very good! I'm really surprised but I'm not feeling hungry at all this time around and haven't had any nasty detox symptoms as yet. Although it is only day 3 so plenty of time for that to kick in! The salt flush is still revolting but it it is still doing the business. I keep having to blow my nose too, though I don't have any other cold symptoms, I think a lot of mucous is being loosened from everywhere! (Did you want to know that? ;))

Still have plenty of energy too. In fact the last 2 nights I have found it really hard to get to sleep. Maybe because I had been getting used to the instant sleep brought on by a couple of glasses of wine in the evening that now I'm not having! But I was tossing and turning for a couple of hours after going to bed which doesn't usually happen to me. So I went into Brixton today and got some of the brilliant sleep tea from Brixton Whole Foods (I love that shop) which should do the trick. Although drinking that before bed, on top of a laxative tea, loads of water and all the lemon drinks I'll no doubt be waking up to pee in the night instead! I'm also putting lavender oil on my pillow and am about to have a hot bath- hopefully this will all work! I put a big handful of Himalayan crystal salt in the bath to help with the detoxifying process and weirdly really wanted to eat some, so I sucked and crunched a few crystals too (out of the packet, not out of the bath!)and it was good! Is that weird?

I've also been doing skin brushing in the mornings which is great for detoxifying- the skin is the largest organ in your body so a lot of toxins get eliminated through the skin, and brushing with a natural bristle brush really helps the process.

I've been increasing the amount of cayenne in my lemonade quite a bit too because as well as aiding with eliminating it has so many other great health benefits. And I love a bit of spice! Here's a good link for more cayenne info:

Oo oo I almost forgot, I got a Vitamix today! Well, it hasn't actually arrived yet, but I ordered it. SO excited, I've wanted one for so long. As I was channel hopping today I stumbled across "Vitamix special" on the Ideal World channel, where they were selling them with £50 off, plus you could pay in monthly installments... it was a sign that I had to get one... so I did! Can't wait to start using it when the cleanse is over. Really looking forward to getting back on the raw. Already feeling so much better for 3 days off SAD food.

Well, I'm off to soak in my hot bath now. Night x.

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