Sunday, 2 January 2011

Day 6 Master cleanse

Well, my sixth day of the cleanse is coming to an end and it's still going remarkably well! I decided not to update this blog every day while I'm cleansing otherwise it will get ridiculously boring, but will check in now and again until it's over and I can start posting some more raw recipes again.

The salt flush has got so much easier. At the beginning it was revolting and I could barely keep it down without gagging, but now I can drink it easily and for some reason it doesn't taste so bad at all. And it certainly does the job with cleaning me out!

And I'm not feeling hungry at all yet, which is a surprise! Although I did have a couple of brief cravings today, for the first time. I woke up thinking about cheese on toast, then later it was grilled halloumi, then after that cottage cheese. So I would assume that my body is eliminating cheese today! But weirdly, I just thought about the food without having a desire go out and eat them.

I read another another really good master cleanse book,  The Complete Master Cleanse: A Step-by-Step Guide to Maximizing the Benefits of The Lemonade Diet which was great. Very different to the Peter Glickman one I read at the start of the cleanse, although that was good too. But this one explains a lot about the science behind the cleanse, the digestive system, how the cleanse actually works etc which I found really interesting, and it really helps with keeping focused.

Well, if I finish this after 10 days, I only have 4 days to go! However, you're meant to do it until your tongue goes pink- while on the cleanse it gets a very unattractive coating as the toxins are being expelled, and then goes back to clear pink when you are fully detoxed. So if my tongue is still not fully pink on day 10 I will probably go on until it is, if I feel like I can. Want to get fully cleansed! It's also not good to stop if you're having any major detox systems on the day- as then, obviously, you're still eliminating so should carry on until they have stopped. So I'll see how I feel on day 10.

Back to work tomorrow on Tuesday, unfortunately, so things might get a bit harder then. But I'm determined to keep going and see this thing through! Wish me luck!

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