Saturday, 8 January 2011

Day 12 Master cleanse!

Well, I have decided to go on beyond the 10 days I originally intended as I am still definitely detoxing. I think days 8 and 9 were big detox days for me and on the morning of day 10 I knew it wasn't time to call it a day. My tongue has not gone back to a healthy looking pink yet (a sure sign that I'm not done detoxing), and I've also come out in a bit of a rash on the inside of my elbows and the nape of my neck, which means that toxins are still being released.

I'm still feeling really good though and have bags of energy, I'm not feeling tired or weak or hungry at all. I spent about 3 hours cleaning my flat today and also went on a long walk around the park to try and burn off some of my excess energy! That's not to say that I'm not looking forward to eating actual food again, because I REALLY am, but I'm not desperate... yet!

I've also introduced psyllium husk into the cleanse, as of yesterday, to help clear out more of the old stuff from my colon. And this morning I made a tea with some herbs that are supposed to help get rid of parasites- wormwood, cloves and pau d'arco- but it was REVOLTING! It tasted so bad I almost threw up! I won't be trying that again. They say at least 80% of adults have parasites in their intestines and I wanted to try and clear them out but there's no way I'm drinking that again. I think I'm going to get a zapper instead, they're supposed to work well. You can get a really cheap one on Kate Magic's site: Raw Living. They also do the Terminator, which is meant to be the best one, but they're more expensive.

Not sure how long I'm going to continue with this. I should think at least to 14 days, maybe 16, possibly 20. I'll see how my tongue is looking in a couple of days! I'm still losing pounds and inches too, and definitely feeling a lot trimmer and healthier. So I may as well carry on a bit while I'm finding it easy and it's still doing its job. Hopefully this will set me back on the right track to raw living. I'm so looking forward to making some raw foods when this is all over. I think I have properly re-set myself!

Anyway, going to make a peppermint tea now, I'll check in again soon. x

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