Sunday, 30 January 2011

Mainly, pics from 'An Evening of Raw Vitality & Splendour at Vantra'

I've been really busy the last week or two so haven't had time to update this blog much but I have stayed 100% raw, and eaten a lot of amazing things. I even managed to stay raw and alcohol-free when I stayed at my sister's last weekend- I brought a load of stuff down with me, including my favourite cheezy kelp noodles- I think the recipe for these is in this blog already- as well as loads of salads, fresh fruit and chocolate mousse!

My phone is full of pictures of things I've been making and eating out that I haven't had time to upload yet. Haven't got a lot of time now as really want to try to get an early night so I think this entry is going to be more pictures than words!

But I want to show you the pictures from Saturday night first. I went to Vantra for an event with Phillip McCluskey and the food was great. The service was kind of slow, so I was ready to eat off my arm by the time my starter arrived, but nobody minded too much and I met some lovely interesting people and had a fab night.

The starter- canapés, including a big kale chip and
flax crackers with different toppings

My choice of main course- stuffed red pepper with nut roast. The other
choices were Thai veg noodles or courgette lasagne. All seemed to be
very well received.
Pepper with the lid off so you can see all the yummy stuff inside.
It was really tasty, and the dressings were beautiful.

Berry and rose tart
Carob tart
Pineapple and passionfruit mylkshake- doesn't look too exciting
from this photo but trust me, it was one of the most delicious
drinks I've ever had! The maca and mesquite living latte was
also gorgeous!
I'm going to call it a day now, but will try to update some more in the week and catch you up with all the other things I've been making, including some chocolate crispie cookies I invented that turned out sooooo good! I've also ordered a load of stuff for making raw chocolates so going to get on that soon, which will hopefully stop me from spending the small fortune on raw chocolate bars that I do at the moment! Laters x

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