Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Busy busy busy

Hello! Well it's been a few days since I've updated due to a few reasons- been knackered and busy and feeling a bit rubbish and... not been 100% raw. Well I haven't been dreadful- I've been having my green smoothies for breakfast, and salads, flax crackers, burgers, marinated veg etc for lunch and dinner BUT on Monday when I finished work I was really hungry and craving crisps so I bought a packet and scoffed them while I was waiting for the train home. Then last night I did the same and then I started fantasising about Bountys and in the evening I popped down to shop and got one... However, in my haste I locked myself out! I only bought my wallet with me so I then had to go to an internet cafe, look up my phone contacts on the O2 website, find the number of someone who has a set of my keys, phone her from a payphone, and eventually got back in, phew! Serves me right. Oh and also last night I drank a bottle of wine. It was raw and vegan (Shiraz Rose from Co-op) but drinking a whole bottle when home alone is something I am not supposed to be doing! Finally, today I had another packet of crisps. But that is it now, no more crappy snacking, its not even as tasty as I thought it would be, not sure why I'm doing it. But it's out of my system now and I'm back on track from tomorrow. I'm filming tomorrow and Friday so I'm going to have to make sure I bring a good supply of food with me, as the production company are laying on sandwiches etc and I'm NOT going to succumb!

Mung bean sprouts!

My first crop of mung bean sprouts were ready today, and they're great, really fresh tasting. I did them in a nut milk bag and it was really easy, much less hassle them sprouting in a jar. I didn't make enough though as they'll all be gone in one salad (I like them a lot so have a lot of them in a salad!) so need to do a whole load more.

Flax crackers
My flax crackers turned out great, though not as spicy as before. The recipe called for 3 to 4 fresh chillies and a tablespoon of chilli powder which I thought sounded excessive, but I forgot I only made half the recipe before! So I only put in 2 fresh chillies as well as the powder, so they are quite tasty but not massively spicy like they were before. They are good though and will last a couple of weeks in an airtight container (if I don't eat them all before then!) so they will keep me going for a bit. 

MSM and Camu Camu from
I got my new supplements delivered yesterday- well I say 'delivered', I actually had to go and fetch them from a postal place in Brixton as they just left a card through my door on Saturday. I was actually in, and if they had bothered to ring the bell they would have discovered this but instead they just left a card so I had to go fetch them. But never mind, I got them in the end! I put them in my smoothie this morning and it was pretty gross. I think it was the MSM, it tasted really bitter! Might have to take that separately or find a way of disguising the taste more. The camu camu is so pretty! It's a pale pink soft powder from a fruit, and contains a really high concentration of vitamin C. I've also been taking a vitamin D supplement as it's really hard to get any of this on a raw vegan diet, especially living in a gloomy climate like this where we don't get nearly enough sun. Ugh, one day I will live somewhere that is sunny every day! How great would it be to wake up to sunshine every morning? I would be so much happier!

Anyway, better go now as I have to get up stupid early and I really ought to have a look at my script as I am slightly concerned about the large possibility of looking like a total nob on film. We taped a bit of what we were doing in rehearsal yesterday and watched it back on the telly and I looked awful!!! It's so hard to find the right level between doing too much and doing too little. Still, there's no point in stressing, I'm just going to do my best see what happens! It's my first proper go at acting for screen and we had absolutely no training in it a drama school so if I'm shit, I'm shit!

Might not get chance to blog again til the weekend, but promise to make some exciting raw stuff this weekend to tell you about. I'm thinking desserts... maybe Ani Phyo's apple pie, also chocolate mousse, and some savoury stuff- gazpacho, more aubergine bacon (I've got a white aubergine from the organic man) and maybe sunny dill cheeze (Ani Phyo again). Also maybe a chilli- the organic man gave me a packet of chillis, include scotch bonnets! Great, never seen organic ones before so looking forward to making something hot and spicy. Well I'll let you know what I make soon. Night x

P.S. Forgot to say I met a friend for dinner at VitaOrganic tonight... except it's not VitaOrganic any more, it's called VitaO. And there's a sign up saying they are under new management and are phasing out the current menu and phasing in new stuff with Eastern spice flavours... I hope this doesn't mean they are phasing out the raw menu, but suspect it does. Disappointing if another raw place bites the dust :(
Had some lovely salads though and a great juice with beetroot, carrots, fennel and stuff... I hope they keep the juices at least...


  1. hi from the Vita(O) friend... love the blog, keep it up :)

  2. Thanks AJ! Inspiral next... remind me to take pics of our food to put up! x