Sunday, 8 August 2010

Had a fun day today, rehearsing for the short film. We've got 2 full days of rehearsal for a 20 minute film, which is amazing, and I'm really enjoying it. So because I was out all day I haven't made too much but I've just made the spicy flax and herb crackers I mentioned yesterday and stuck them in the dehydrator overnight. It was a right faff though as I forgot that I usually only make half the amount in the recipe... I made the full amount and it was too much for my food processor so I ended up having to mix it by hand as soon as I added the ground flax seed, which was a bit more work than I had anticipated for a Sunday evening! So they better turn out good. I also got some more walnut chili burgers out of the dehydrator this morning so got those to go with my lunch in the week.

I brought a packed lunch with me today, but everyone else went to the cafĂ© for lunch, so I ate mine sat in the sun outside then joined them for a peppermint tea! I had a big salad with various organic leaves and loads of mixed sprouts and peppers with scoops of guacamole, salsa and brazil nut cheeze on top... that brazil nut /sundried tomato cheeze is the business, it's so gorgeous, I could eat it by the bowlful! Also had those raw crackers I bought from Waitrose and a piece of my cake for dessert. The rest of the cast were also having biscuits and cake and coffee during the day... I need to bring some more snacks for myself next time. I've only got to be in the office 2 days next week as I've got one more day off for rehearsal, then 2 days for filming. 2 days at work a week I can handle! But will still need to get organised with the packed lunches.

Anyway, it's getting late now and I want to chill out with a sleep-inducing herbal tea for a bit before I go to bed so I'm signing off for now. My crackers will be done tomorrow so I'll let you know how they turn out. Night night!

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