Friday, 6 August 2010

Oops, I did it again...

Morning. Well, last night I went out to Lounge and wasn't exactly the healthy bunny I should be. Technically, wine is considered raw, but I drunk rather a lot of it and feel a bit sh*t today. I definitely feel a LOT better when I'm not drinking and so I'm definitely going to lay off the drinking again as of today. Before this week I did a month without booze and felt really great, but I've been out the last 6 nights in a row- mainly to the theatre to seee friends in plays- but each time I've had 1 or 2 glasses of wine and last night I had quite a lot more than that. But I must admit I did have a great night and did lots of dancing but I feel sooooooo dehydrated today. So because of this I haven't got any exciting raw photos yet to put up yet today, but I'll put some up later.

I realised I was out of bananas when I got up and I need bananas for my green smoothie, so I brought my Smoothie To Go into work with all the other ingredients and bought a banana on the way! So in it I put 1 banana, about 8 strawberries, about 8 raspberries, 1 medjool date, a teaspoon of green powder, a teaspoon of bee pollen and a capful of natural vanilla essence. It was yum and is sorting me out nicely. Though I'd really like a few more hours sleep as I didn't get to bed til 3 and was up again at 7. No more partying on a school night for a while. I need sleep! And definitely no more drinking. Yuk.

I made some fresh corn tortilla chips the other night which I haven't had yet, so tonight I'm going to make salsa and guacamole and have those with them for my dinner, yum! The chips are from the Pure Food and Wine recipe, the book's called Raw Food Real World which is a lovely book with lots of great sounding recipes but a lot of them are quite complicated so I haven't made too much out of there. But the tortilla chips were easy and really tasty. I've also made their red pepper crackers before which were gorgeous, think I might make some more of them tomorrow. I'm not going to bother taking pictures of my lunch today as I was in a hurry this morning so I just grabbed a couple of slices of Russell James' bread and filled a tupperware with salad so I'm going to have another raw sandwich. That bread is so good!

Right, signing off for now as I am in urgent need of water...

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