Friday, 6 August 2010


So I made some fresh cherry tomato salsa and some guacamole tonight and had it with the jalapeno corn tortilla chips I made the other day. Yummy! I stayed in tonight after the drunkenness of last night and I'm going to have an early night. I felt pretty rubbish all day, I forgot how much excess alcohol takes it out of you the next day. So I am definitely back on the wagon again, I want to get closer to optimum health, not further away from it! I've been drinking loads of water all day, and also drunk a carton of coconut water which is brilliant for rehydrating you. I lke this brand, the others taste a bit fake and not like the real thing at all, but this one is prepared without being exposed to light, so it's pretty close to the real thing and tastes great.

I also had a piece of Living foods raw chocolate with chilli which is so delicious, I really recommend it. The ginger and orange flavour they do is really good too. Raw chocolate is normally really expensive, around £3 for a small bar, but this one is only £1.95 and you get a really big chunk- I have to cut it in pieces to get it in my gob! In fact I'm going to get another bit now, it's addictive!  

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